A groundbreaking tech-company that improves solar field efficiency using AI. Constructing their site, I had two objectives in mind: highlighting its technological advantage and introducing the company’s amazing ecological message.

Enclave Remodeling

Enclave Remodeling specializes in the renovation of high-end and exclusive properties. The aim was to construct a new website that would immediately position it on the same playing field as veteran brands. The prestigious design achieved two objectives: high conversion rates and enabling the introduction of higher price ranges.


Luxury jewelry brand, operating since 1921. The website promotes a double objective of promoting online sales and motivating potential customers to visit the physical store. Working on the site, I produced photo shoots, took some of the shots myself and shared in writing the content, creating a website with a fresh language for a veteran brand.

Minisites / Landing pages


Website for compiling feedback on SuperSell products. The challenge was to stretch the brand rules and develop a subtler and more refined look for the Supersell design language.


Trio is a medium-sized advertising agency. I provide them design services and they have chosen me over all their other service providers for their website design.

Parra Chocolate -Elite- Strauss

The website was launched several years ago. The challenge was to offer a variety of activities in an attractive and interesting manner. The activities were intended for children, but apparently many of the surfers were adults who enjoyed the activities :)


A technology company specializing in DevOps. Designing Devleap, I took its current visibility one step further toward a cleaner and more modern look.


Kmobateva's system simulates nature’s fresh water for swimming pools, ensuring premium water quality without the use of chemicals. I have created a design language that would suit water, nature and swimming pools

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